Alex Tevlin

By now, most of our townhouse has been remodeled by Noam and his excellent crew. He first completely transformed both the master bath and the guest bathroom. We left him the keys to the house while we were on vacation and his folks really went to town and made incredible progress working around the clock the week we were gone. The plumbing in the entire house had to be re-piped, so we had Noam take care of that as well during the bathroom renovations. The work was clean and professional. They patched up all the drywall and even repainted to get our walls and ceilings back to their original condition. We then decided to build a patio/deck and also install crown moulding throughout the house. Noam took care of that as well.  Noam and his people are really professional and incredibly punctual. 8am actually means 7:50am to these guys. Imagine a contractor actually showing up on time and respecting your time?! They don’t finish the job until you’re completely satisfied with their work. Noam is not pushy and will respect your budget, but he will also make good recommendations to get you on the right path if you don’t have realistic expectations. Overall, it was great working with Noam and his folks…and I’ll definitely use him again for any future project.