Kim K.

When I called, I had a tall order:  We had just moved out of our house for two months to fix some water damage and while we were out, we decided to update the kitchen.  So I needed them to remodel the kitchen in 6 short weeks and on a tight budget.  Oh, and I wanted them to help with the design too.  They said “no problem,” which is what all contractors say, but by god, they actually meant it!  They helped me choose some of the design elements and some (like crown molding and counter top edging) I just trusted them to choose all on their own.  They never disappointed.  All the choices were spot on and thoughtfully chosen to fit in with the existing kitchen elements and the house.  They were a pleasure to work with, were always true to their word,  and even when we threw other curve balls at them, ie. a powder room update and replacing the entire main line), they handled it all without a hiccup.  The best part was their strict adherence to the agreed upon budget: they always made sure we were sticking to the budget and I felt he truly wanted to give us the most bang for our buck.  Their number one priority was giving us the most beautiful, functional kitchen he could and he absolutely accomplished that.  Could not be happier and could not recommend NB Construction more highly.