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The Perfect Home For Your Family

Your home is the most important place in the world and NB Construction is here to make sure that everything about it is absolutely perfect. Whether you are buying a home with the intention to renovate or looking for your local Los Angeles general contractor to build a new home from the ground up, our team has the skills and experience required to make your dreams come true.

Is A Newly Built Home Right For You?

Many attractive homes can be found throughout the Los Angeles area, but the houses currently on the market are not guaranteed to meet the needs of you or your family. Planning for the future is very important. It can be an overall financial loss to purchase a home today only to discover that it no longer suits your needs in another decade. Investing in a custom home has many advantages that homeowners should be aware of. You can enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • Quality Architecture, Infrastructure, & Appliances: No more questioning the quality of a home’s foundation or wondering how long the kitchen appliances will continue operating. A custom home gives much more assurance about quality today and tomorrow.

  • Improved Safety & Health: Older homes are often filled with materials like lead paint that we now know to be harmful. Homes built by NB Construction utilize the very safest materials currently available.

  • Maximum Value & Enjoyment: Many homeowners have spent years living in homes that had features they disliked. This is poor financial value, and a custom home can correct this. Include a swimming pool, patio, and all the other elements you really want to have.

The Advantage Of Working With Design & Construction Professionals

Throughout the process of new construction, your vision will come to life in the best way possible if you work hand-in-hand with a team that understands both design and construction. Form and function most work together to achieve the best results, so the people constructing your home are better equipped for the job if they have the knowledge and expertise of a team that understands your design needs as much as your budget and other concerns.

It’s supposed to be your dream home, after all. At NB Construction, we pride ourselves on the ability to bring your dream to life. That takes listening skills and understanding, as well as the expertise in finely crafting each detail to your specifications.

The Details Of The Process

Your budget will be the starting point for the new construction process, but then the real fun begins. The initial consultations will serve to determine your priorities, ideally creating lists of must-haves and most-wanted features. From there, the process involves designing the house while simultaneous making series of decisions to ensure that your vision is realized within budget. For a rundown of some of the nitty-gritty, this helpful guide elaborates on the process.

The creative side of the new construction requires thoughtful planning and imaginative inspiration. You decide what you want, but you’ll need expert guidance in making it all come to fruition.

Finding Inspiration

Perhaps you have a strong vision already, but it always helps to take time looking around and gathering ideas about the style and aesthetics that best suit you and speak to your spirit, while also working well for your desired neighborhood and the plot of land.

Browsing helpful guides such as the Houzz photo inspiration for new home ideas can help spark your imagination or even tip you off to things you want to copy. We can help you create the perfect new version of a classic style, or create something altogether unique to you.

Exteriors: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Your personal taste and the location of your new home should determine the overall style of the exterior. In the Los Angeles area, many homes feature Spanish or Mediterranean styles, while craftsman and other classic aesthetics are also very popular. Here’s a photo album of Los Angeles home styles from Trulia.

Your new home’s exterior is the perfect place to show off your style. A builder who works under the same umbrella as the design team can best create the face that you want to show the world.

Interiors: Design & Layout

Your layout will determine the flow and character of your home experience. From open and flexible arrangements to more structured environments, your layout should suit the lifestyle and preferences of you and your family. Think about your daily habits, how you like to entertain, what areas of the home need quiet or privacy.

The beauty of new construction lies in customization, but you can gain lots of insight by browsing house plans from sources that provide great examples, such as this one.

The ideal layout can provide you the best results for natural light, private workspaces, great family activity areas, and other key features you may want.

When you work with a design and construction team, you have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate your aesthetics into the layout of the home. From custom entryways to impressive living rooms, from engaging children’s rooms to hidden away office spaces, your new construction should feature the layout that best suits you and your life.

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