Lee Curreri

NB Construction have done several contracting jobs on my house. One job involved installing a new roof, another was an exterior renovation/siding job on my back house, and the third job was new gutter creation and installation for both the main and back house, and an extensive draining system and electric pump to keep rain water from collecting around my back house.”
All jobs were successfully executed before the expected time. Noam was extremely conscientious and respectful of my time and budget. He was also willing to do anything to make sure the jobs went smoothly and the quality of the work was of the utmost. His pricing was less than other contractors we had originally contacted, and the work has held up – after several heavy rains, there have been no roof or drainagage problems, and i can sleep easily at night knowing that critical work on my house has been done by a person who really cares about getting a job done the right way.