Serge F.

You know that some people might get paid for their yelp reviews. NOT ME.
I had a flood about 2 years ago.I had insurance but knew and KNOW nothing about construction repairs,plumbing ,electrical,dry wall and so forth.
I was told by a business associate about Noam and his crew. From the first time I met Noam, I had 100 Percent trust in him.  Even though I know nothing about construction, he knows just about everything,
I will use an analogy.  If you hire Noam it’s like getting a football coach. He hires his assistant coaches to make sure you have the best team.  Instead of football, he gets the best electrician,the best plumber, the best carpet person and so forth. The people he has show up on TIME, get the job done correctly and make sure to clean up afterwards.  He asked me what I liked, took that into consideration and then shared his immense knowledge with me. HE EVEN HELPED ME DEAL WITH THE INSURANCE company. (Allstate is my insurance).
If you know a lot about Construction you should hire Noam becuase he is the best.
If you know very little about construction, then you REALLY need to hire Noam, because he will make sure everything runs smoothly, done correctly, at a fair price.
Noam is first class all the way. Call him and you will see.