24 Tips for A Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodeling

A great bathroom can transform your experience at home, offering a spa atmosphere or making your guests more comfortable. Redesigning or constructing a bathroom offers the chance to upgrade your major components, but even smaller projects can make the room wholly new.


From full-scale demo projects to face-lifts and more, we can help with guiding you along the way as you make decisions about your bathrooms. Here are 24 tips to get the ball rolling:

  1. Make a list of your favorite and least favorite elements of your current bathroom before beginning a new project.
  2. Set a comfortable budget after researching some approximate costs.
  3. Keep a balance of form and function in mind when imagining a bathroom makeover or redesign.
  4. Costs aren’t just about materials and labor; ingenious design can help make a new bathroom even more affordable.
  5. Remember that it’s hard to ever have too much bathroom storage.
  6. Consider open shelving instead of fixed storage solutions, both for style and space versatility.
  7. Custom fixtures and installations may cost more, but can be more than worth it to achieve both design standards and efficient use of space.
  8. For style help, try beginning with a theme or color scheme, but also consider choosing a major appliance first and designing around it.
  9. Have fun with themes! Perhaps a superhero theme to a playful children bathroom, or a modern theme for a classic mid-century feel.
  10. If you might sell the home soon, consider achieving a unique theme with smaller, replaceable fixtures and accessories.
  11. When smaller changes won’t suffice, a full bathroom demo offers a clean slate.
  12. Interesting bathroom flooring transforms the room and sets a tone
  13. Depending on the plumbing, full makeovers can include moving sinks, tubs, and toilets.
  14. Create a relaxing atmosphere with a freestanding or claw-foot tub.
  15. Tub-shower combos can provide easy function for daily use as well as creating a spa effect.
  16. Find inspiration for wow-factor shower designs that make a statement.
  17. Pedestal sinks are beautiful, but if you want extra storage space look into console and counter-top options.
  18. Decorative sink bowls can offer style and personality; remember there are many options besides enamel.
  19. Many toilet options exist; unique shapes and styles add to the room’s personality and offer various space-saving and water-usage characteristics.
  20. A colored toilet lid helps add style and personality without committing to a non-white toilet.
  21. Consider special solutions for the perfect children’s bathroom.image
  22. Guest bathrooms don’t have to be boring or stuffy: browse inspiration guides for neat ideas.
  23. A new master bathroom suite greatly improves home life and promises great value to future buyers.
  24. As with any remodeling project, consider which improvements offer great return for your home’s value.

Everyone wants to feel at home and relaxed in the bathroom. It also needs to be extremely functional. Use the comments below to let us know what you think about fun, inspiring, or fashion-forward bathroom designs.

Pictures taken by: Jessica Claire