Backyard Gardening Tips For Fall

The end of summer brings changes to your garden, and here at NB Construction, we want to help you prepare for what is to come. The months of fall can be just as fruitful and abundant as the summer months if tended to properly and if the right choices are made. Our team works hard to promote safe and functional practices, which includes ways to keep your back and front yards healthy and happy year-round. Below you will find different tips and tricks to keep your backyard garden fresh all fall.

Small Changes You Can Make To Promote The Health Of Your Garden

  • Fertilize In The Fall: The hot summer months can easily dry out the grass on your lawn, shrubs, and trees, so feeding them in the fall will help them recuperate and stay as healthy as possible. Try a fertilizer formula of 20-8-8 in September to get your yard happy and healthy.
  • Strip Down Your Grass: Consider mowing your grass to about 1 inch at the end of the summer season, to help fight off disease and keep your grass healthy. Similarly, collect the fallen leaves on your lawn to get them out of the way of your grass.
  • Consider Planting Shrubs: They grow well in cool, moist environments, and will keep your garden bountiful in the colder months.
  • Trim Back: Trimming perennials and dead branches will help give your garden a happy place to thrive.
  • Plant Bulbs: Take the opportunity that fall offers to plant bulbs, since these new, growing plants will flourish most in the spring.
  • Fall Crops: Some of the different produce crops that grow well in the fall include leafy greens (lettuce, chard, kale, spinach), root vegetables (carrots, beets, onions, radishes), and brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage).

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