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Top Ten Room Addition Tips

One of these services that we’re proud to provide is room addition.  As your trusted Los Angeles general contractor, we’d like to give you a list of ten things to know if you’re planning on adding a room to your house.


Top 6 Advantages Of Adding Rooms To Your Home

Why buy a bigger house when you can build one AND use every available foot of your extremely valued Southern California real estate? At NB Construction, we understand the importance of location and we appreciate homeowners who love their neighborhoods.


When is the right time to add a room to your house?

Life never stands still, does it? Living in a house that your family has outgrown, or that doesn’t suit your needs the way it used to. Or perhaps you acquired a house with many of the features you coveted in spite of the fact that it seems to be missing something. Ultimately, there are many reasons to add a room to your house.