When is the right time to add a room to your house?

Life never stands still, does it? Living in a house that your family has outgrown, or that doesn’t suit your needs the way it used to. Or perhaps you acquired a house with many of the features you coveted in spite of the fact that it seems to be missing something. Ultimately, there are many reasons to add a room to your house.

(Great room remodel. Taken by: Rick Rodney)


If you want to explore your options for a home addition, it’s important to see the big picture and understand what changes will improve the home your most—and all the benefits you might be able to gain from a new room. You may have one idea in mind already, but here are 24 reasons why a home addition could be valuable for you (and future buyers!).


Property Value

  1. You want your home improvements to bring return value.
  2. A lot of other houses in the neighborhood are bigger than yours.
  3. Your house lacks key features that today’s home buyers expect.
  4. The backyard doesn’t add as much value as more square footage would.
  5. An extra bathroom would make the home more comfortable overall.
  6. A home addition would cost less than moving and buying a bigger place.

(Custom wallpaper & Painting. Taken by: Rick Rodney)

Lifestyle Changes

  1. You’re not using the backyard and you’d prefer more space.
  2. Arts, crafts, or other hobbies are taking over other rooms.
  3. Your income has increased since buying the house, but you really like the neighborhood.
  4. You want to start a home business or telecommute from a home office.
  5. Having a luxurious home entertainment room sounds a lot better than schlepping out to the movie theater.
  6. There’s too much stuff! Add a guest bedroom with storage solutions.

(Room addition that combine media room & storage solution)

Family Matters

  1. You seem to have more babies than you expected!
  2. Tweens and teens are spreading out and need their space and privacy.
  3. Your adult children seem to be coming home to the nest.
  4. Your adult children are married with children but want to be your new roommates.
  5. Elderly parents can come live with you instead of living alone or in an old folks’ home.
  6. You’d like to have all the cousins stay with you at the holidays.
  1. Home Additions that Just Feel Right
  1. You’re not using attic space that could be converted and finished.
  2. All or some of the house is one-story. Building up can be easier than building out.
  3. You have garage space to spare and would prefer to finish it.
  4. You bought the house for an irresistible price, but it didn’t really have all the rooms you need.
  5. Expanding the master bedroom would turn it into a true suite.
  6. There’s an awkward shape or feel to the house that you want to alter.

(Another angel on a beautiful design for a guest house)

(Exterior look over the room addition entry)

Adding rooms to your home can improve your quality of life, letting you expand your options for work and play while also increasing the property value of your house. If you want to make it happen, we can consult with you to help discover what options best suit your home. Whether building up, building out, or renovating your interior to alter the room configurations, we can help make your home feel brand new with a beautiful addition.