24 Resolutions for Design Tips – How to Pick Your Fixtures for Each Space

As clothes make the man, you might say fixtures make the home. Fixtures are the little things that make all the difference: choosing the right design for each fixture can put a delightful twist on any room. Of course, fixtures are more than just jewelry for your home: they are also the things you use and touch on a daily basis. It’s important to find the perfect fixture for every space.

Here are 24 tips for choosing the best fixtures for each area of your home. If you are planning a redesign, we can consult with you to help guide and plan a personalized makeover as well.

Home Fixtures Projects

1. Count your needed fixtures and begin design or remodeling with a budget in mind.

2. Develop a style theme for the home but explore different motifs throughout the home, letting the fixtures define and differentiate spaces.

3. Get creative with interior doors to add personality and distinguish your spaces.

4. Open things up with windowed doors, French doors, or Dutch doors.

5. Use indoor and outdoor shutters to add dimensions and control natural light.

6. Throughout the home, add personal style and customization with decorative electrical outlets and light switch covers.


(Black french doors with brass details. Taken by: Jessica Claire)

Lighting Fixtures

7. Don’t hesitate to add statement-making light fixtures, which make special occasions more special, and add style to everyday life.

8. Look for versatile, timeless lighting fixtures if you enjoy updating your home décor frequently.

9. Place decorative lighting fixtures in unexpected places for spread style around.

10. Think about hobbies like reading and knitting when placing light sources.


(Recessed lightning combined with pendent lights fixtures. Taken by: Rick Rodney)

11. Recessed lights can really open up spaces like kitchens and dining rooms.


(Brass pending light fixture. Taken by: Jessica Claire)

12. Track and task lighting are popular in kitchen lighting, but you can coordinate other styles for a custom look and feel.

Bedroom and Living Room Fixtures

13. Don’t forget the bedroom: accent wall lights add ambiance, dark and ornate fixtures add dramatic flair.


(Pattern and curtains in the master bedroom. Taken by: Rick Rodney)

14. Thoughtfully chosen window treatment accessories like curtain rods and finials help achieve your desired themes.


(Stainless silver door knobs. Taken by: Rick Rodney)

15. Coordinate door knobs with cabinet pulls, doorstops and other elements if they are in sight of each other.

Kitchen Fixtures

16. Consider your cooking and entertaining frequency in choosing a kitchen sink for form or function.

17. Two sinks may make sense if multiple people would be cooking at once.

18. Expect extra accessories for custom fixtures; cast-iron sinks need special strainers, for example.


(White sink with stainless fixtures. Taken by: Rick Rodney)

Bathroom Fixtures

19. Add charm with bathroom fixtures but envision room or whole-home themes before making selections.


(Custom grey master bathroom cabinets. Taken by: Jessica Claire)

20. If conducting a large bathroom renovation, make large decisions like cabinetry colors before finalizing fixtures.

21. Consider ease of use more for daily-use bathrooms, but feel free to get creative—especially in powder rooms and guest baths.

22. Learn about cleaning requirements as well as style for sinks, faucets, and counters.

23. Think about function and style when choosing shower heads; there are more options than you might think!

24. Remember storage and space concerns when choosing sink and toilet options.


Make sure to consider materials, colors, costs, and upkeep requirements when choosing new fixtures. Whether designing or renovating, a fixtures makeover can transform your home with an updated, fashion-forward redesign while also improving your daily experience at home.

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