24 Tips to Design Your Interior Space for Christmas

Decorating for the holidays presents wonderful opportunities to break out of the mold and enjoy interior design with seasonal flourishes. Great Christmas décor takes more than just throwing up tinsel and lights, however. This is your chance to learn new crafts, experiment with new design inspirations, and ultimately pull off a darling home with a warm and inviting look that will make the holidays even more memorable.

We bring to you 24 tips for excellent interior decorating for Christmas (one for each day of December before the big day!).


(Taken from ezpong.com)

Holiday Decoration Planning

1. Stock up on supplies like tape, picture hooks, command strips, and more before you bust out your decorations so you’ll be best prepared.

2. Stay focused on great basic design principles while incorporating Christmas items into your interior design.

3. Try fun and different color schemes like white-and-brown or blue-and-white to change things up.

4. Need a theme? Look to interior design experts like Martha Stewart for holiday design inspiration.

5. Christmas is all about tradition. Try rocking a vintage look for classic appeal.

6. Holiday decorating doesn’t have to mean throwing an eco-friendly lifestyle out the window. You can find recycled or energy-efficient green options.

7. Put away some distracting home goods temporarily for the season to let your 8. Christmas decorations shine—it’s worth the extra step to showcase your goodies.

Creative Solutions for Interior Decorating

8. Hang ornaments from chandeliers and bookshelves to get a swift makeover of your interior design without much effort.

9. Craft your own paper ornaments and decorations with simple materials and instructions to create lovely and unique interior design.

10. Add ornaments or red and green flower pot sticks to your indoor plants.

11. Place small wreaths on doors throughout the house.

12. Ribbons and other enhancements to your regular lamps, vases and other objects can be great alternatives to purchasing all new items.

13. Making your own advent calendar can be a fun and easy craft project for the family.


(Taken from ezpong.com)

Christmas Interior Design for Every Room

14. Show off dish towels and aprons with Christmas colors in the kitchen.

15. Find a red and green slipcover to makeover the sofa for the holidays.

16. You can also simply add a few throw pillows to swiftly cheer up the sofas with holiday spirit.

17. Have a fireplace or mantel? Hang streamers, bunting, or stockings to add warmth to the living area.

18. Decorate stairways with garland, or use Christmas lights to double as decoration and nightlights.


(Taken from: yamahahometheatre.org)

Christmas Interior Design for Small Spaces

19. Use garden shears to trim part of your tree so it will fit in a corner or odd space easily.

20. Save space by using a very alternative Christmas tree, like one drawn on a chalkboard or made out of a pyramid of books… the possibilities are almost endless.

21. See-through decorations like glass and acrylic items can prevent the extra décor from crowding a room.

Interior Design Ideas for Christmas Day

22. Decorate a storage container to use as a trash bin for gift wrap and boxes when you open presents—that way the room will be neater for photographs.

23. Set out holiday-themed chargers and place settings to make the dining room festive throughout the season.

24. When it’s all done, organize your decorations in well-marked boxes to make next year even easier!


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There’s something special about Christmas decorating: everybody loves the traditional, but surprising and modern touches can put a gorgeous new spin on things. Use the comments below to share any thoughts you have about interior Christmas decorations!