24 Tips for Kitchen and Appliances

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The kitchen: it’s where you get your daily sustenance and where your greatest dinner parties and holidays begin. It can also be a source of headaches and stress if the design, layout, and finish touches don’t look and feel right. Fortunately, we have a wealth of insight into what makes a good kitchen become great.


(Traditional white kitchen. Taken by: Rick Rodney)

Whether you want to add some new elements or fully redesign your kitchen, we can help with our expertise. Here are 24 must-read tips that can set you on the right track toward the kitchen of your dreams:

1. Set a budget you can live with before beginning a kitchen redesign or construction.

2. When planning a kitchen makeover, spend time observing and making lists about features you want most and designs you like best.

3. Browsing other people’s excellent kitchens can spark great ideas for your own.

4. Consider your lifestyle and goals when planning how to use space, such as for storage vs. cooking space.

5. Decide whether you want your kitchen to be built for entertaining or simple daily use.

6. Go with a top-mounted freezer to save space, or a bottom-mounted freezer so you don’t have to bend down to get into the refrigerator.

7. Side-by-side and French door refrigerators are very attractive and popular, and can help if you have little space in front of an island or counter.

8. Consult a good guide to ranges if you’re unsure what type and quality level you need.

9. Look for a fully-finished, freestanding stovetop if the sides will be visible.


(Stainless silver stove oven. Taken by: Jessica Claire)

10. Gas ranges can work best for many cooking applications, but avid bakers might want electric ovens.

11. Separating cooking with an island cooktop and wall oven can help alleviate space concerns and make cooking more enjoyable.


(Black kitchen with white marble and brass plumbing & light  fixtures. Taken by: Jessica Claire)

12. Choosing a design that emphasizes ventilation keeps your kitchen cool.

13. Ducted hoods do the best job of keeping heat out and the air clean.

14. Matching kitchen appliances look great, but don’t be afraid to upgrade one at a time or mix-and-match to create your perfect cooking experience.

15. Find counter appliances with matching design so you can leave them visible and keep things looking tidy.

16. Centering kitchen design around an island helps make the space perfect for both cooking and entertaining.


(Black island with white marble counter top. Taken by: Jessica  Claire)

17. Consider the home’s layout in deciding how much to emphasize quietness in a dishwasher purchase.

18. Dishwashers are more spacious than ever before, so you can possibly get away with leaving less space for it in your kitchen design.

19. If you cook infrequently or entertain a lot, look for dishwashers with lots of adjustability to handle different loads.

20. Make sure that your kitchen sink not only looks great but has scratch-resistance and cleaning needsyou’re comfortable with.


(White sink with stainless silver fixtures. Taken by: Rick Rodney)

21. Consider open-storage design instead of cabinets to show off lovely décor.

22. Investing in great chef’s knives can make using the kitchen easier and safer.

23. Start a kitchen makeover with beloved décor in mind to make it feel all your own.


(Clean and simple design. Taken by: Rick Rodney)

24. Since you use your kitchen everyday, it only makes sense to do plenty of research in planning if you’re going to redecorate or redesign. Feel free to leave advice of your own or questions about kitchen options in the comments below.