24 Tips on How to Prepare Your House for Winter

Who said spring cleaning is the only time to show your house some tender love and care? Even in a mild climate, houses need special attention to be prepared for winter temperatures. Take a few moments to get your house ready for cooler days, and you’ll enjoy the winter more comfortably. Your home will also reward you with better efficiency and well-being, and fewer repairs and damage in the months ahead.


(Photo by: laimyours.com)

In the spirit of taking care of your home 24/7, here are 24 outstanding tips to prep your home and property for winter:

  1. Clean and rinse gutters to prevent unsightly buildup and damaging clogs.
  2. Check your chimney and call in a chimney sweep necessary; it should at least be inspected before use.
  3. Detect air leaks around windows, walls, and floorboards. Handy tip: use a lit candle or incense stick to help find drafts.
  4. Add new weatherstripping to keep the warm in and the cold out.
  5. Exterior leaks can devastate your energy efficiency and put your property at risk. Look for cracks and seal with a caulking compounding.
  6. Reverse ceiling fan blades to push warm air downward in the colder months and reduce your heating needs.
  7. Check duct spaces for leaks to ensure your best energy efficiency.
  8. Swimming pools that will remain in use should at least be covered.
  9. If possible, use less pool chemicals and run the filter less frequently.
  10. If your swimming pool will be out of use, lower the water level to below the skimmer.
  11. Wash your windows to maximize the amount of winter sun shining through. This also helps give you the chance to check for cracks or leaks.
  12. Upgrade to double- or triple-paned windows to enjoy modern efficiency and a style update.
  13. Add blackout curtain liners or upgrade your curtains to increase efficiency.
  14. Test and replace smoke alarm batteries as part of your annual routine.
  15. Let more sun in for warmth by changing up your window treatments and trimming shade trees outside.
  16. Clearing bushes will keep the plants healthy and your yard clean.
  17. For your shrubs, consider bracing them with twine or boxing them in to protect them in cold weather.
  18. Find evergreen plants to add which will keep your landscape its greenest year-round.
  19. Grow plants indoors to help purify the air while you’re nestled inside.
  20. Look into whether your plants need major watering once more before winter.
  21. Septic tanks should be insulated—try laying down mulch around it or letting grass grow longer.
  22. Get your septic tank pumped and begin a fall routine of pumping it every few years.
  23. Look for uneven or damaged parts of your roof and have them fixed immediately.
  24. Inspect shingles for damage, warping, or missing shingles and repair.

Of course, being prepared for changing seasons is easier when your home is well-designed and features the newest technologies and appliances. We’re always looking for tips to enjoy SoCal homes to the fullest year-round, so let us know in the comments below if you have great advice to share with others!