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Master Bathroom

Why A Master Bathroom Is Just What You Need

How many people are sharing your bathroom? If you have two adults and several kids using the same space to get ready for the day each morning, chances are things can get pretty harried.


Top Trends in Home Construction & Design

At NB Construction, we take pride in helping homeowners throughout the greater Los Angeles area reimagine their home with beautiful, functional remodeling, renovation, and construction services.


Top Ten Home Design Tips

If you’re currently designing or redesigning your home, we hope you’ll let us help. We’re not just glad to provide our high-quality services – we’re also here to give you all the home design advice you could possibly need.


Tips For Repainting Your Home

A fresh coat of paint on your home’s exterior can do wonders for improving its appearance. However, this basic home improvement job requires that you make the right decisions so you can avoid overspending and a strained neck. Here are a few tips for repainting your home that can help ensure the job goes smoothly and is done right.


24 Resolutions for Design Tips – How to Pick Your Fixtures for Each Space

As clothes make the man, you might say fixtures make the home. Fixtures are the little things that make all the difference: choosing the right design for each fixture can put a delightful twist on any room. Of course, fixtures are more than just jewelry for your home: they are also the things you use and touch on a daily basis. It’s important to find the perfect fixture for every space.


24 Tips to Design Your Interior Space for Christmas

Decorating for the holidays presents wonderful opportunities to break out of the mold and enjoy interior design with seasonal flourishes. Great Christmas décor takes more than just throwing up tinsel and lights, however. This is your chance to learn new crafts, experiment with new design inspirations, and ultimately pull off a darling home with a warm and inviting look that will make the holidays even more memorable.


24 Tips for Kitchen and Appliances

The kitchen: it’s where you get your daily sustenance and where your greatest dinner parties and holidays begin. It can also be a source of headaches and stress if the design, layout, and finish touches don’t look and feel right. Fortunately, we have a wealth of insight into what makes a good kitchen become great.


24 Tips to Design Your Exterior Space for Christmas

Decorating your outdoors is as much a ritual of Christmas preparations as anything. Parent and child can spend a day stringing lights, neighbors can enjoy friendly competition for creating the most impressive spread. It’s all about spreading the season’s greetings and creating a warm neighborhood feeling.