Aaron & Alicia A.

My review is long overdue…

We underwent a whole home remodel and chose NB Construction as our contractor. I don’t think that any remodel is ever a stress free experience, however in the end NB Construction did their best to meet our needs.

Noam, was our point person. We had a few times when communication among everyone became difficult due conflicting schedules, contracts, and observed holidays – but the issues were always resolved.

NB Construction’s subcontracts with highly qualified and skilled workers so you get quality work that you don’t even have to shop around for.

Above all, from one home owner to another…. communication is key! Make the effort to clearly communicate your wishes and ideas to your contractor and don’t assume anything.

Plan to go over budget or include unforeseen costs in your overall budget.

Make sure that you can be physically present for walk throughs and pay attention to detail.

One thing that I have nothing but praise is for the follow up care that Noam and his team provided. We had some tile that needed repairing – done. Our AC went out during the last heat wave – his guy was here the next morning before his first scheduled job and got it fixed.

Noam strives to keep the customer satisfied, you won’t be disappointed, just be realistic – this isn’t HGTV, it’s real life.