Permits and Building Codes

The summer is one of the most active seasons for home construction and remodeling projects. These projects can be very intensive, so when you are considering to make an addition to your home or to remodel existing structures, it is of the utmost importance to keep in mind all associated permits and the stringent guidelines of national, state, and local building codes.

Cities are becoming ever more strict with their building codes. Any slight changes to your home, from as little as knocking down a wall, need to be reviewed and approved by structural engineers. Blueprints of any future additions or changes must also be approved by the city to ensure that the changes fit with the rules and standards of their building codes. Any violation of these codes could result in legal repercussions brought on by city or state governments. Should your construction proceed without meeting these specifications, you will be found liable and subject to hefty fines or even demolition should there be no remedy for the violation. The city could also force any additional construction work to be halted until further inspections are performed on the property. This can become very stressful and truly underscores the importance of working with a licensed contractor.

As a homeowner who is intent on remodeling or renovating, there are steps one can take to avoid conflicts with city building codes. The very first step is to conduct rigorous background checks on contractors you have been scouting. When diligent work is carried out and background checks are performed, you will find that working with a licensed and insured contractor will make these difficulties all but disappear. And while considering a contractor for a home remodeling project, it is highly recommended that background checks be performed for all appropriate permits – construction licenses, business certificates, liability insurance, workman’s compensation. These should all be active and up-to-date. These permits in the hands of a contractor will make your life that much easier. From following building codes to being insured in the unfortunate event of an accident, a contractor with these permits and licenses will allow for your home remodeling projects to continue seamlessly. Meeting the standards as set by local and state governments ensures that you will receive the most in safety and quality.

Should your next home remodeling project be around the corner, we encourage you to conduct the necessary research and ensure that a contractor you select is a contractor that is licensed and insured. Here at NB Construction, it is our joy and pride to serve our community with all appropriate licensing and rigorous security clearances for our expert contractors. Fully insured and licensed by the Contractors State License Board in the State of California, let NB Construction be there when you decide to work on your home.