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The LA Housing Scene: What You Need to Know

In recent years, the Los Angeles housing scene has been somewhat dormant. Fewer people are putting their houses up for sale, which has in turn raised the prices of any houses that are in fact put on the market. If a house is actually worth 1 million dollars, it’ll end up selling for an additional $200,000.


Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations go a long way toward improving home comfort and impacting the value of your home. A bathroom remodeling project can potentially be your most cost-effective way to redefining your house.


1919 Historical Renovation

Magical, Storybook, Renovated 1919 Grand Craftsman Bungalow on a gorgeous tree-lined street in Spaulding Square HPOZ.


24 Tips on How to Prepare Your House for Winter

Who said spring cleaning is the only time to show your house some tender love and care? Even in a mild climate, houses need special attention to be prepared for winter temperatures. Take a few moments to get your house ready for cooler days, and you’ll enjoy the winter more comfortably. Your home will also reward you with better efficiency and well-being, and fewer repairs and damage in the months ahead.