Tending Your Garden This Summer

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Tending to Your Garden This Summer

As your Los Angeles general contractor, it’s our goal at NB Construction to give you the home of your dreams through our home building and remodeling. From our Los Angeles kitchen remodels to our bathroom remodels, we’re capable of helping you with just about any aspect of your home. We’d even like to give you some tips for taking care of your garden! If you have a garden, we recommend doing the following for the summer season.

Our Tips for Tending to Your Summer Garden

  • A great garden actually starts with a great lawn. Make sure you tend to your lawn and keep it freshly mowed and watered. If necessary, you can even have a professional company care for your lawn.
  • Watering your garden in the morning is actually the most efficient. Doing this will help prevent garden mildew.
  • Put mulch over your soil to keep weeds out. Mulch can also keep your soil cool and stop water from evaporating. Alternatively, you can always use a type of weed barrier (consisting of fabric, cloth, cardboard, or something similar) to keep weeds out.
  • Consider building raised beds for your garden. By raising the level, it’ll save you from extra strain on your back and it’ll also make it so there will be less weeds that you’ll need to fight off.
  • Make sure to consider the positioning of your plants so that all of them will be able to achieve the benefits of the summer sun.
  • For bigger gardens, you may consider adding a seating area for comfort or another point of focus as well.
  • If you need inspiration, you should check to see what plants are growing and thriving in your neighbors’ gardens.
  • Be persistent. Tending to your garden is a never-ending process where there will always be something to do. No matter if you’re watering, planting, or trimming, make sure to put in the time and effort needed to keep your garden looking its best.

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