The Costs & Benefits Of Remodeling Your Home

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For homeowners, the decision to remodel a part of the home is a big one. Remodeling takes a significant investment of time, energy, and money, and the process can quickly run over schedule and over budget. But these costs are not sunk into just anything. Remodeling can also provide a great return on investment (ROI) in the form of increased value to your home. But what kinds of remodeling provide the greatest return?

Materials Matter

As with all things, the return on investment you can expect to see from a remodeling project varies by place and design. Remodeling things like the basement generally offer little to no additional resale value, while attic insulation or a kitchen and bathroom remodel can provide significant recoupment of investment. Even within these categories, the style and design of the remodel matters. For kitchen and bathroom remodeling, going for a low scale design or one with little change does not produce significant return on investment, while remodeling to a more upscale layout, with things like granite countertops, can produce significant returns.

Ultimately, the ROI you see from a remodeling project is only part of the benefits of remodeling. The real benefit comes from the increased joy you get from your home, and a kitchen or bathroom remodel provides both increased livability and a healthy return.

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