The Era of the Smart Home

The advancement of technology has vastly improved the standard of living, with multiple services and solutions to problems just a finger-tap away. From the ubiquitous smartphone to fully equipped home theater systems, technology has provided a simple means of personalizing our everyday lives. And as time progresses, more and more of these systems are being implemented throughout the design and construction process of homes. Whether for comfort or security, smart home technologies are available that provide homeowners with an array of control options to optimize their personal living space.


(Photo credit:; details the complexity of smart home security systems)

Systems such as OneButton and Control4 give homeowners such an impressive control and means of managing their home that turn even the most complicated of security systems into a seamless, automated process. Through the use of smartphones or other smart devices, homeowners are given control over the lighting, temperature and sounds throughout their home. These systems even automate lighting to provide a safely lit pathway when you arrive home at night!


(Canary Home Security System)

Together with safety, security of the home is also just a tap away. Smart locks alert users through their smartphones of daily ins-and-outs and, with the installation of security cameras, provide views of the home environment from the comfort of a smartphone or smart device. All-in-one security systems such as the Canary Home Security System even adapt to your home, sending notifications and HD video to your smartphone should anything out of the ordinary be detected.

Natural lighting can also be controlled through the use of smart shades, blinds, and draperies. Let the Sun shine in during the day and control the shades at night to sleep comfortably without the irritation of light pollution.

Entertainment systems are also made a breeze. With these systems installed in your home, control over your whole-home audio and entertainment room is facilitated with just a simple tap. Dim the lights, turn on the sound, and watch a film on an automated projection screen with just a tap on your smart device.


(Netatmo Weather Station)

Stand-alone weather and climate stations are also a new smart technology that many homeowners are including in their daily living. Weather systems like the Netatmo provide real-time readings of humidity, temperature, and even CO2 levels within your home! Systems like these alert homeowners when the air within the home has become polluted, sending warning messages to air out the home.


(Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat)

All-in-one wireless remote controls, such as the Pico Wireless Control, give homeowners the satisfaction of being able to manage their smart home technologies in the absence of smartphone compatibility. Nest technologies also offer some of the most advanced in-home smart technologies, from cameras, smoke & CO2 alarms, to incredibly advanced thermostats that learn and adapt to the settings and temperatures of your home.

The complexity of technology is matched by how simple and accessible it has become. It’s important to protect the things and people we love, and with these multiple smart technologies, it is made that much easier. Give your home the edge it deserves with these tools and turn the security and control of your home into a simple tap.