Top Ten Landscaping Tips

Landscaping, if done correctly, can be incredibly rewarding. A well-landscaped yard improves the value of your home, looks beautiful from the inside or outside, and can help you better enjoy the yard or other outdoor features of your home. To help with the landscaping process, here are our top ten tips for landscaping effectively in Southern California:

  1. Plan For Access: It may seem like a nice idea to cover as much square footage as you can with plants, but that can hurt you later on. When planning out a garden, be sure to leave space open for access by people, vehicles, or for later projects like patios.
  2. Use Focal Points: Deciding on and sticking with a few key focal points, such as a tree, fountain, or pond for example, can help make your overall design look cohesive.
  3. Curve Gently: Curves are great for gardens, but keep them long, slow, and gradual.
  4. Use The Building: A garden or yard should complement your house, and vice versa. Use well-placed plants to soften hard edges, but let features like windows go uncovered.
  5. Make It Move: Your garden is not a painting, so do not plan it that way! Add some milkweed to attract butterflies, berries for the birds, or flowers for buzzing bees.
  6. Everything Is Negotiable: Just because something is already there does not mean it has to be. Do not be afraid to remove existing features if you have got something better in mind.
  7. Placement Is Key: When selecting plants, always consider the space they will occupy. Think about rain, sunlight conditions, and the plant’s full size before making a decision.
  8. Harvest A Bounty: Gardens are gorgeous, but that is not all they have to be. Adding a few vegetables or herbs can turn a beautiful garden into a fun source for spices, herbs, and even dinner!
  9. Get Scented: Gardens do not have to just appeal to the eyes. Adding fragrant plants like lavender, jasmine, or gardenias will turn your garden into a full sensory experience.
  10. Make It Multi-Level: The world exists in 3D, and so should your yard. Adding steps or raised areas will help give your garden a new layer of dimension and texture.

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