Is a Smaller or Larger House Right for You?

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One of the first questions that should be asked when it comes to finding a person’s dream home is related to the size of the house. After all, you’ll be living in it for a good chunk of your life so it should be a place where you feel completely comfortable. While common opinion may state that bigger is always better, the truth is that both types of homes – smaller and larger – offer great benefits that make them very palatable. As your experts in Los Angeles kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel services, we at NB Construction would like to go over the benefits of both house sizes.

The Benefits of a Smaller House

Some of the benefits of purchasing a smaller house are as follows:

  • Smaller houses will be cheaper to buy, thus, allowing you to save more money on them. Additionally, you’ll have more money left over to start an emergency fund for you and your family.
  • Having a smaller home will typically mean that you’ll have to pay less in utility costs and taxes as well.
  • A smaller house will also mean that you’ll have to spend less time maintaining your home. This will give you extra free time to spend in other, more preferable ways.
  • A smaller house has more growth potential as upgrading your home in the future can cause the house’s value to increase much more.

The Benefits of a Larger House

On the other hand, you may consider purchasing a larger house if these benefits intrigue you:

  • You’ll have more space in your home for your furnishings and other desirables. If you’re interested in having an entertainment room or a workout area, you’ll have the ability to add them. Not to mention, larger houses often have larger yards too, giving you more outdoor space for activities as well.
  • You won’t feel cramped in your home and it can be perfect if you have a few kids.
  • If you’re the business-minded type, a larger house can even give you the opportunity to run a home-based business
  • It may sound vain, but one of the top reasons why people want to have larger houses is because these homes can make them look and feel more important.

Which Is Right for You?

Honestly, there’s no general answer for this question. Each person will have his or her own preference as to what qualities make either a smaller or a larger house the perfect choice. We recommend that you weigh the pros of each type of house against each other to help decide which one is right for you.

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